Stephanie McGlynn, LMFT
Parent Support

Consultations for Parents of Children in the Autistic Spectrum

Parenting is a challenge, especially for parents of a child with special needs. While trying to learn all you can about how to help your child, you may forget the huge impact the diagnosis has on your entire family. All parents struggle in this situation, and all are deeply concerned about their child’s future.

If your child was diagnosed at a young age, you are most likely confronted with many immediate uncertainties about your child’s communication skills, play skills, and overall development. You face the process of many decisions in regard to treatment modalities. My goal is to support you as a parenting team during this transition so that you can make the necessary decisions while maintaining loving relationships within your family.

If your child was diagnosed at an older age, you are dealing with a slightly different set of challenges. Your child has likely developed language skills and limited social skills, and may have progressed well through grade school. His/Her peculiar habits and unusual behavior are suddenly more pronounced and are causing problems at school and in your family life. I help parents of older children to develop a better understanding of their child’s needs. My goal is to support you in learning about the adjustments you have to make within the school and family to suit your child’s needs, while coping as parents with this new perception of your child.

Parent consultations provide a place to freely express your concerns about your child and your family. Having a compassionate listener nurtures and strengthens you, and expands your ability to continue to be patient with your children.

My experience of working with children and their parents spans over the last 15 years and extends into various settings. I had the privilege of leading movement classes for children of all ages and cultural backgrounds, working in schools in academia and as a counselor, tutoring children in homeprograms, doing play therapy with children, and consultations with parents.

Since 1997, I have also focused on working with children in the autistic spectrum. In this capacity, I have been part of ABA teams, and have led social skills groups. Besides continuing my work with children, I have extended my focus to the parents of children with special needs in an effort to support the family as a whole.

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