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Autism is a treatable disorder! There is hope that your child can be on the road to recovery! Recent advances in the understanding of the genetics of autism, as well as the complex interplay of environmental factors and the underlying biochemical and physiological abnormalities in children on the spectrum has refined our approach in using dietary and biomedical interventions to treat autism.

I have worked for a Regional Center (Valley Mountain Regional Center, Stockton) for 14 years. As their consultant dietitian, I provided nutrition assessment and intervention for individuals with a variety of developmental disorders, with a focus on feeding issues and providing nutritional and dietary guidance. I have also been a member of the Interdisciplinary Feeding Disorders Clinic, working with children with complex feeding issues, including those on the autism spectrum.

During this time, I became increasingly interested in treating children with autism and ASD. As I learned more about dietary and biomedical interventions, I felt that I was not able to provide adequate treatment within the context of working for the Regional Center. I developed a tremendous respect and admiration for parents of autistic children and a great desire to use my experience and knowledge toward empowering them to enable their child to reach their highest potential. When we moved to beautiful Sonoma County, I decided to devote all my efforts as a private practice dietitian toward using dietary and biomedical treatment protocols, with a practice focusing on children on the autism spectrum. I have developed a real passion for treating ASD children, as the results of treatment can have a truly profound impact on their lives and the lives of their families.

I take a holistic approach in treating your child. Each child on the spectrum is unique, with unique behavioral characteristics and dietary and nutritional needs. You can be assured that my recommendations whether dietary, supplementation, healing of the gut or immune system, are all based on scientific and clinical evidence and are designed to best meet the needs of your child. I also encourage you to consult with your child’s pediatrician during treatment. I will be glad to communicate with their pediatrician or other practitioner at your request.

What should you expect as we begin our treatment relationship? The intake questionnaire is fairly brief, but open-ended. You provide basic information about your child’s characteristics as well as your concerns, goals and expectations. We will then have a free phone consultation to determine if we should go forward. This is followed by a very detailed assessment questionnaire, including a one-week food diary. We will then meet in your home, usually two hours, including a feeding observation. An initial plan is then developed.

This plan is revised periodically, depending on your child’s progress and your goals. Treatment follows several phases. The following represents a highly abbreviated overview. Typical phases include: 1) addressing feeding issues and dietary quality; 2) “cleaning up” of diet and household environment; 3) introduction of gluten free, casein free diet; 4) introduction of appropriate dietary and nutritional supplements; 5) further refinement of diet; 6) promotion of gut health, including introduction of probiotics, fermented foods, bone broths and prebiotics; 7) lab tests to determine additional supplementation; 8) evaluation of treatment outcomes. Further modification of the diet and supplementation is usually an ongoing process throughout treatment. In order to ensure the highest quality and to maintain consistency, I provide all supplements, with your input, and billed at my cost. It should be noted that some products may be quite expensive.

As you can see, this involves a long-term commitment, on both of our parts. It is expected that the initial phases (through GFCF diet) will run three to six months, and should produce marked improvement in your child’s behaviors and well-being.

Fee schedule:
Initial assessment (2 hours), including treatment plan: $200.00
Phone consultations (billed in 15 minute increments): $60.00 per hour
Periodic home visits for re-assessment and modification
of protocols (usually 1 ½ hours): $150.00
I do offer a needs-based discount, if required in order to
continue service.

Email: TheAutismRD@gmail.com

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