Cathleen Springer

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that realizes the body’s ability to heal itself. This healing art uses natural remedies made from animal, vegetable, and mineral substances. Unlike many pharmaceutical drugs, homeopathic remedies are prepared in such a way that they are nontoxic and do not cause side effects.

My practice offers a combination of classical homeopathy, heavy metals detox and nutritional support, with a focus on pediatric autism and ADD/ADHD. After filling out an intake form, my clients schedule their initial interview appointment and bring the completed forms with them on appointment day. Together we go over their case history and fill in the gaps with other information which comes to mind for the client during the appointment (usually from 1-2 hours duration). I speak with the parents, as well as with the child; other persons involved in the case (OT, Speech Therapist, Cranio-Sacral, etc., etc.) may also be contacted to add insight and observation.

Each client is recommended to initially undergo oral chelation with a natural mineral product. The well recommended homeopathic remedy is discussed and provided, as is additional mineral supplementation and/or herbal nutritional support. A follow-up appointment is scheduled for from 4-6 weeks later, depending on the case. Periodic follow-up appointments are necessary thereafter in order to evaluate progress.

As each of us is unique, no average length of treatment can be stated. Progress and improvement are the guidelines and markers in all case management.

Cathleen Springer is a graduate of Pacific Academy of Homeopathic Medicine, Berkeley, California, and has further studied with Dr. Ramakrishnan, India’s preeminent homeopathic physician. She has guest lectured and given workshops at Stanford University Medical School, San Francisco State University, San Jose State University and University of Hawaii. She is also the Principal Instructor of Homeopathy Teleseminar Training, a concise and affordable teleconference training designed to instruct laypersons to confidently use homeopathic medicine at home for a great number of acute symptoms.

Cathleen practices out of her comfortable home office in Rohnert Park, California.

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