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Autism Seminar—Early Intervention Strategies

29th September 2008

Autism Seminar—Early Intervention Strategies

Friday, 10-3-08: 1-3pm at Sonoma State University, Salazar Hall, room 2016.

Topic: Early Intervention Teaching Strategies: How to engage the hard-to-engage child using evidence- & practice-based strategies including structured teaching, sensory-based curriculum, and Floortime-inspired activities.
Presenter: Pat Boblitt SH/LH specialist with over 30 years experience working with young children with autism. Currently working for Early Learning Institute with children ages 12-36 months

University Credit  &/or Continuing Education Units

Register: online at SSU Extended Education: or call 664-2394
-  OR  at 1st Meeting
Drop In:  $20 Voluntary Donation

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23rd September 2008

Autism Seminar—How Autism Affects the Family

Friday, 9-26-08: 1-3pm at Sonoma State University.

Topic for this session: How Autism Affects the Family. The seminar will be facilitated by three parents of children with autism.

For more information, contact Dr. Lorna Catford at 664-2402.

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17th September 2008

Sibling Support Workshop

A Sibling Support Workshop will be held by Matrix Parents Network on Saturday, October 11th, in San Rafael from 10am to 2pm. Sibshops are for any child from 8-12 years old who has a sibling of any age with special needs.

Through games and stories about how others handle difficult situations, kids give and get support and learn more about special needs and issues they may encounter.  Please RSVP at 1-800-578-2592 and ask for the Sibshop registration form by October 3rd.

Cost for the workshop is $10, scholarships are available.

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9th September 2008

Autism Seminar — Discovering Autism

Friday, 9-19-08: 1-3pm at Sonoma State University.

Topic for this session: Discovering Autism—Potential Indicators of Autism Spectrum Disorders and Diagnostic Questions that Need to be Answered to Determine an Autism Diagnosis.

For more information, contact Dr. Lorna Catford at 664-2402.

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6th September 2008

New Social Skills Group for 4-6 year olds

This group is offered as a series of sessions on an ongoing basis. The curriculum is based on the play and interactive level of participants. Parents receive information about themes that are emerging during group session and skills that can be worked on in the home environment.
Each session lasts 50 minutes. A group of 4 children is selected according to their age and developmental level.

Among other approaches, ideas from “DIR/Floortime” approach developed by Dr. Stanley Greenspan and Dr. Serena Wieder, and social skills training based on principles of Dr. Tony Attwood and Dr. Jeanette McAfee are utilized.

Instructor: Stephanie McGlynn, M.A., MFT
When: Tuesdays, 4pm
Where: Sebastopol (at hwy 12)
Cost: $30 per session (required sign-up for 6 sessions)

To sign up call: (707) 824-9106
For more information:

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2nd September 2008

Interactive Play for Kids

Brementown Musicians (Suitable for grades K-5): Beloved animal characters outlive their usefulness to their masters and escape to Brementown to become musicians. Music and new friendships lift their spirits, but they encounter a significant hurdle at a house full of bumbling thieves. The audience is called upon to help.
Performed by Tater Tot Productions which creates uniquely entertaining and educational plays, 30- 40 minutes in length, that capture themes important to children. They also provide moments of structured participation, allowing children opportunities to make choices and help the characters in the story.

The play is taking place at Becoming Independent (Santa Rosa) on this Friday (September 5th) at 12:30 in the Big room. Contact Adam at 707-824-9353.

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