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A Sibling Support Workshop

28th February 2008

A Sibling Support Workshop

Sibshops, sponsored by Matrix, are for any child from 8-12 years old who has a sibling of any age with special needs.
March 8, 10 – 2, Santa Rosa, CA
Please call 415-884-3535 or toll free 1-800-578-2592 to register by Feb. 28!

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26th February 2008

Slowly growing

New content is added almost daily to this site. Some specialist are sending more information about their services, which often results in a new informational page linked form their name. Many people have responded enthusiastically about the directory and are supporting it by sending me information about ASD specialists in this county. Thank you to everyone for their help so far.

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21st February 2008


It is fun to receive contributions from other people to this directory, which helps complete the list of available specialists in Sonoma County and adds to a sense of networking amongst each other.

Thank you to Sarah Field of rpta (Redwood Pediatric Therapy Associates), for several additions to the Occupational Therapy listings.

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19th February 2008

Adding more content

Success. I have managed to find reliable content for every category and I am hoping to continue adding content, meaning more specialist in the field of autistic spectrum disorders including non-verbal-learning disorder in Sonoma County. It is exciting to me to gather this information in one place and make it publicly available. Feedback is welcome.

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17th February 2008

Book Signing & Event

Dr. Barbara Firestone & Dr. Louis Vismara, Presenting: An Exploration of the challenges, opportunities, & the changing landscape related to autism. Meet the author afterwards & learn more about her inspiration for her book, Autism Heroes.
Feb 19, Santa Rosa, 4-6pm
ANOVA Center for Education
3033 Cleveland Avenue (Redwood Credit Union Bldg.)

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16th February 2008


Welcome to the Sonoma County Autism Resource Directory. This site is still in the development stages. Please be patient and visit the site soon again. Content will be added on a regular basis. Feedback and ideas for content is highly appreciated. Thank you. Stephanie McGlynn, MFT

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  • Welcome!

  • Hello and welcome! My intention is to create a comprehensive and helpful resource directory for Sonoma County. If you know of anything that should be listed here, or if you find any outdated information, please contact me. Thank you!
    Stephanie McGlynn, MFT